Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i : you see i : i

you see i…

the past two weeks have gone by …
and with them my presence

days of cloud and rain
intermittent moments of clarity

they pass and my insides dream…

i have a tether to the clouds…

my floating dock in the sea above

stagnant days leave me wanting
and turbulent waves of thought
lay just beneath the surface

the rain has not washed them clear
the tides standstill
yet the surface trembles

heat from the passionate undercurrents…

a stagnant river breeds decay
this place is no different

i am bound here…

looking up at the sky above
anchored by these stones

they carry the burden when i am weak

i was once free…

swimming between the currents
diving a thousand depths
picking up stones
watching them…

as they fell back to the surface below

i remember little…

but know them well

i slowly attach my self to them…

at first small pebbles
tied by knotted strings
tangled among the trees
floating in the wind

i listen now for the rains to come…

their waters fresh and new
tides within the atmosphere
gently loosen the tangles


i occasionally drift…

when the gnarled branches give in
when the knots loose
and the tide has come and gone

looking up my tether remains

looking down the stones…

more work to do

i forget…

it is easy
much more so than letting go
and untying knots can frustrate the mind
they tend to tighten

so forgetting is perhaps the only way to dream

i am a dreamer…

when the wind is high
when the rain falls

when the moon is full
and the cloud above gives fresh water

when the knots are loose and the branches break

letting go…


you see i…

am anchored here
by the stones amassed
and if the dock cannot be seen
anxious dreams do not rest


have a tether to the clouds
a shell anchored by stones
and dreams keep me alive
while i learn of letting go

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