Thursday, May 15, 2008

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i realize now, after looking at the past, that i have not written here as much as i would have liked. My books go on and i fill page after page with the sketchs and thougths which traverse my mind.

Water among the rivers bed.

Knowing this, i am now determined to make an effort to bring some of what passes, onto the screen which lay in front of me. This is the reason i started this thing. The Blog. To post the thoughts.

The problem seems to be that i rarely copy what i have written in the books onto the posts here. I seem averse to the act of copying. I write because i think incessantly when not making my work and i need to place my thoughts somewhere other than in my mind.

Though the well may never cease to be filled by glimpses of the past and present times, i surly gain some relief from emptying the cup which seems to overflow on the regular.

i do copy, transpose, at times... it is not that this is a bad thing. i am just more intersted in what comes through without the action of editing. Which i rarely do. Lest of course i transpose, then i cannot seem to help but refine what i have placed into the books. This is alright, i suppose, it doesnt bother me, in fact i enjoy making the words run more smoothly, as if i am eroding the boulders of thought that cause the eddies of past moments to endlessly churn in the corners and the turns. I am happy to have a restless river. It is alive and brings me great joy. Though it is nice to have the calm moments to rest.

The point here, is that i began this blog in an effort to write more, to present my thoughts to an outside audience. Wheather or not someone is reading these things means little to me. It is an outlet for some of my energy and it gives me a way to look back on the thoughts which i appear to be ok with exposing to the world. Most of me is exposed. I would say that i hold very little back. So i am here, openly...

It is obvious also that this bolg is focused around my interests in art, my work and the nuances associated with my various forms of expression. So i will in the future begin to write upon the many areas of interest that i have related to expression, art, and living.

So, there will be more to come.

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