Saturday, January 31, 2009

Studio Update : Object+ : 01.31.09

I have returned to my studio in Cub Creek and after some downtime I am returning to my most recent project work. My work over the summer led to an intensified investigation of the object and I am now exploring several tangents related to my original inquiry. The above image is of a growing collection of sketches, thoughts, and small clay maquettes created since last night. This is part of my studio process that has evolved out of my recent object oriented work.

I will continue to post my thoughts related to this work as it develops under the Object+ label until this mass of ideas begin to diverge into individual paths that can be further articulated.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Commission: Windchill Factory: Update 01.24.09

I delivered the glass domes for the Windchill Factory project today. These are a few images of the houses under the domes.

To keep up with the progress stay tuned and check the Windchill Factory label.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Commission: Windchill Factory: Update 01.23.09

The Windchill Factory Commission moves forward after a short break. All is well and after the past two sessions in the hot shop the 20 domes are nearly complete. I will be cold working tomorrow to get them down to size and ready for delivery. The above image shows one of the 10 with one hole for the piping Matt is working on. The remaining domes all have 3 -5 holes and look great.

To see more you can visit Matt Lively and the Windchill Factory on facebook. I will also be updating this blog as I get images from him covering the progress on the work as well as the short film.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update: 01.15.09

New year, fresh energy. I have put the majority of my work on hold while the push to complete graduate school applications continues. All is well, transcripts and fees add up and my funds dwindle, this will be over soon. I will get back to work and ramp up the energy on a few new projects. I am excited to get back into the studio.

While preparing the portfolio for graduate programs I took a minute to get a new shot of Reverence. Time to get update the website, but this will do for a preview.

More to come...! But I gotta finish these applications.