Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i : epiphytic daydreams : i

soaked are my signs from the midnight past,
and i among the calm turbulence of the sunlight
wash my reality in the sea of passing thought


she watches from a distance

these waves come and go...
this island...
intermittent clouds of reason cannot compare
and wishes bring more when the senses are given over to currents beneath

it is apparently more difficult to see with eyes open

so with breath so deep the canyons fall
darkness is clarified as the notes descend
sifting through the layers which shadow this soul

she dances and i am moved by the tempo of her footsteps

there is a long pause as i...

from the memory of a fallen moon

the tide carries my heart away from me

for a moment...
the sound of empty chairs keeps me
but not for long

castaways land here once and a while
they never stay long

seems there is little for them to see
their eyes are open and the clouds keep them moving

she turns in the darkness... to the ocean below


these wanderings carry such weight
when waking times call for diligence
and i am awash on the shore amongst the trees

perhaps i am not disciplined...

but this means little when the wind blows from all directions
and the old tree shares stories passing between the gnarled branches

she has grown...

as the day goes by time matters less

her presence....

color cast between the roots and lesser spaces
the sublime moment sheltered beneath the canopy

carries me away...

the gentle current unforgettable
subtle turbulence unavoidable


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