Friday, December 28, 2007

i : am : i

i recently returned from a trip to Tucson Arizona and to say that i have returned as a revitalized being would be an understatement. Perhaps it was the dry air; sucking the old life from my matter and replacing it with a new refreshed source. It is as if i realized through this transaction... the value of my persitent chaos. It brings forth the well of information and vitatliy from which I draw vision. Vison, is what i have. An ability to see into the depths of scales. Watching and feeling the order in that chaos, the wealth of creativity springing from this source. i am... and it is perhaps that simple. If this is an esoteric language then perhaps i will have to be content with that; its incommunicablitiy, lost in translation. i am content with that, for i have another way to share this sensation of great willingness to rest from the insatiable need to communicate what i see throught the standardized methods of communication. The verbal language, the sounds of the toung as a dominating yet limiting way to translate the world in which i exist. i rest as i flow along the path of a strange attractor and when i act, when i communicate, i will do so through matter, through compostition, thorough void, throught the endless manifestations of an object/environment. Art, and this way of seeing, has developed and is evolving into my language, my way. i have no concern for what the observer percieves, relativity denies me of a direct translation, i trust that what they percieve is thier way to travel and in this position i currently relax; free to make, interact and be with my world. So now, i am...

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