Friday, January 4, 2008

i : a new space : i

i can only say, right at this moment, that i have jumped out of my chair and am currently generating a gravity... this force is bringing all of the past 10+ years worth of thought, experience and diligent writing together; and i am validating, in every moment, the awarness of something that has been churning deep within my being for many years past.

minutes ago i was listening to the days collection of NPR radio braodcasts on art and culture. And some how made it to the following broadcast.

It is a space, not the first, but the most contemporary, and the most widely supported. It is perhaps the first, of what is a movement in an emerging field, more accepted and potentially more empowering to those who develop work through a mode, a way, which follows a path of non-lienearity. A dynamic process by which works are created. I have countless scribbles and passages on this way. Stacks of moleskins, sketchbooks, and barnapkins upon which i have printed the esssentials and the tangents of this way. And now, my gravity is propelling me to compile all of these marks into some cohesive structure. I am driven, and i must write...

i am...

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