Saturday, October 27, 2007

a horn rush, a bass flush and a new listenting room

The bassline descends upon me as i walk into the casual atmosphere. Several chairs line the floor but where do i... Sit down , and I find myself three steps from the very sound that brought me in the door. Not the faint melody of a baby grand, the flush of the bass or the treble tone matched by ear; it was the sound of a toe tapping the pedal of a dream.

A few weeks earlier I arrived a little later than normal for my morning coffee. There in the line of the local Starbucks i found a familiar yet unknown face. Must be the tenth time I've seen this guy i think to myself, why do i focus on this moment so much. A week later I meet the same face and today I have a minute to write about the place. Ashby Anderson, that's the name... and the guy on the trombone, that's Sam Savage. There's more but the sound is what i remember the most; the sound of something i can take a minute for, perhaps more.

Slightly hidden among the developing landscape of downtown Richmond Virgina is a new and progressive space. A listening room devoted to bringing a clear and comfortable experience to the Richmond community. The Muse Creative Workshop opened with a series of Jazz sets which promise to fill the air with permutations of creativity that delight the mind and sponsor a creative movement, a higher quality of experience. Among the crowd are artists, musicians, composers and a wealth of listeners here to enjoy a night of sound and a shared experience. The success of this space is rapidly advancing and those who tire of the standardized moments of inebriation generated by an overabundance of bars and restaurants are finding this new space to be just what the doctor ordered; a clear and vibrant experience of the creative. A place where the focus is on the work of talented artists and musicians. The response in clear; more, more, more.

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