Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plant Zero : A project in action.

I have immersed myself in an activity, a space and a vision. And now I have one of the greatest challenges of my life. The Plant Zero Project. My aim is to strengthen this space, to develop a sense of place, an identity, to uphold the integrity of contemporary works of art and the potential for art to promote the vitality of a community.

I am in pursuit of a vision; one that I have had and will always work towards. I now have the space and in the face of difficulty, of the obstacle, I see opportunity. I see that I share in this vision; a vital experience rooted in creativity, innovation, and the artistic practice. I walk through these spaces and find myself drawn towards this position; towards the responsibility. I struggle to find the financial means, and I sacrifice my old way of living to develop this place. Deep within i know that i can make this work. I can for the first time in my life become completely and fully engaged by my work, not only as the practicing artist but as the maker-thinker, the planner, the liaison.

As I search for the means to make this all possible, I find that I open doors to the future. And I smile as my success is found in the conversations I have with others. We share in this vision and I am going to continue my relentless pursuit of "Place".

Thank you, to those who support me in my efforts, and to those who don't, for the challenge, and the opportunity to exhibit the power of a shared vision.

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