Friday, August 10, 2007

i rest i

This is my concept for the weekend... Rest.

I had a silent conversation with this teacher in Greece... he said to me.. rest.

And then I thought of jazz... and the beat unheard....

And the real concept here; balance.

It is needed in everything i do.

Today i watch as a bead of glass becomes a flower.
Tomorrow i act as a raindrop retracing my steps up a seam in the stone.

There is a moment, wherein i find the breath typical...
of a path followed without footsteps.
and a burdon held without anger.

There is a place, wherein i find the light typical...
of a moring after the rainy night
and a sky just high enough to touch.

I find this way... to be my own... and then I find, among the rest... the strength to balance... in my own way.

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