Friday, August 24, 2007

i remind i

Two weeks ago i spent some time in New River Gourge. The climbing here and the adventure of a weekend away from the city keeps me mindful... back into the forest, back among the cliffs and the lingering smell of a morning, vanishing into a crevice near by. There is a calming note in the atmosphere. i am simply myself, being, making, and carefull to give as i learn more about a way that has become my own. It is to experience that i turn when the weeks wash over and i rarely get back to moments like these.

When i walk through these days, away from the forest, among the city's roots and branches, i am drawn to the ways that lead me through the bramble and briar of an organism changing. Placed there by the labor of many men before me; i smile when i find those "places", small spaces that lend themselves to moments. Places where humanity is reflected in the element of our making. It is the memory, the meeting of the moment with the memory that seems to bring about the smile. And i capture this image, this resonance somewhere within my person. Finding that the taste of this image is what may challenge me to respond. To act. To create. And to give.

i remind i, of the moments in life that make the path beneath my feet.

and i gain experience for the moments to come.

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