Thursday, July 9, 2009

On : Making Public Spaces : Timely

Since moving to Philadelphia I have been excited about settling into a new segment of research surround public spaces, urban design and art. Over the past few weeks I have been reviewing a swath of readings that support, contend, investigate, denigrate and all together poke and prod at the apparently dead body of a physical manifestation of space that is typically characterized by its connections to democratic activity, politicized dialogues, open access and a long list of other words. But for a moment, to side step the needed task of elaborating on this wealth of content and to ensure that I do not prematurely exude the products of my research, I will restrain myself and simply point to an interesting forum that has just come to my attention. A timely opportunity that I hope not to miss (come on financial aid, make that deposit).

Two things that I will mention.

1. Is physical public space an illusion of the public sphere, perhaps even... not really public at all?

2. If the public sphere exists today, where is it? And what role does twitter, social networking, geospatial data, mashups.... and the extended family of emerging technology play in its existence and proliferation?

Please note.. It is late. I am going to stop now before the great critics open to view these statements can get me, before I have a chance to clearly state what my interests are here.

And now.... the reason for my impromptu post.

Timely... Yes... Timely

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