Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update: 11.30.08

Taking the holiday for what its worth I stepped far enough away from the computer to spend some much needed time giving thanks for family, friends and good meals. I hadn't quite realized how much I needed the downtime. My thoughts have consumed me over the past few months. However this is no bad thing, much good has come of it. I selected five graduate programs that compliment my work, applied for the VMFA fellowship, set up commission work for the next two months, and outlined a few projects that I have been considering for some time now.

Graduate School:
I take the idea of graduate school very seriously. This is a time, a short two years typically, during which one is supposed to focus and prepare for entry into the professional community. It should be a rewarding experience, one in which the student gains valuable experience and hones the skills they have invested in while preparing for a professional path. Approaches to graduate education vary from person to person, program to program, university to university. For artists, those seeking an MFA in studio practice, there is a strong emphasis on experimentation, conceptual development, and professional practice.

I have spent many years now watching the changes in my interests, noticing the recurrent patterns of my own intrigue. Since my youth I knew that I would in some way continue to be creative while working with materials and spaces. My studies crossed traditional boundaries, weaving a fabric of diverse lines of thought, all of which related to man and environment. Finding or creating the proper path has been a dynamic process. I realized my interests would be best served by approaching them through the lens of art; an open, dynamic, and creative profession. Over the past three years I have been experimenting with my work as an artist. I have been working through my own creative will to synthesize my convergent interests in environment, design, and art.

Choosing the right program, the academic compliment to my work, is important to me. I have made my decision to move forward with my education based on my commitment to this path. And I am applying to programs that value diversity and synthesis while carrying a progressive outlook towards the practice on art. My goal is to grow into a position where I can make my work, participate in projects that enhance the pedestrian experience, and teach at the university level.

I was able to get back into the hot shop for a few hours to begin working on a commission for Matt Lively. I am creating glass domes for his Wind Chill Factory project. I just completed and delivered a prototype. He has kindly sent images of how this work is coming along. I will detail in a future post.

VMFA Fellowship:
I have applied to the VMFA Fellowship in hopes of gaining some funds to continue work on the Cognitive Landscape project. I hope to get a video camera and the required software to produce the video content of this work. I will put the funds to good use for the materials required to create the installation once the work gains steam.

Project List:
I am working on several projects that will contribute to my greater body of work related to the relationship between man and environment.

Projects of particular importance: (titles are informal)
- Cognitive Landscape Project
- P-Space
- Site-Response

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