Saturday, November 1, 2008

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I turn to this blog as a nearly daily activity. My efforts thus far have been to exhibit portions of the content of my work, actions, thoughts and various interests. I have now come to know this experience as one through which i express myself; in word, image and some other dynamic and yet structured way. Herein lie the many doorways to the world of media and information that have become of human technology; the extension of the cognitive experience of man. And here i am typing away while expressing the thoughts of my experience in any number of activities. All the while bouncing from site to site, door to door, soaking up information that appears to be interesting and passing by that which is not. Consistently engaged in cognitive response to the sensory stimuli that i perceive; recording, documenting and developing the network of information that i consider to have value.

Certainly here, there is a bias towards the domain of my primary focus for this site; art, design, architecture, environment... the made and manipulated. And what is this for? Self or other or both? I like to think it is for both; that in my wanderings i will assimilate an approximation of the form and image of my vision. And that that vision will be of some use not only to me but to others. Also, that in this vision, throughout its primary impetus; the movement towards a higher quality of being, through environment and experience of life, we may harness the potential of mans creative and expressive qualities to affect our greater experience.

How then does this blog and its presence affect my imaging and cognitive experience. One of the most prevalent ways that i have come to find is the benefit of access, review and feedback. Much like a journal allows one to review his or her own changes over time, in presence of mind, personality, perception and experience, the blog makes readily available much of this content as well as compounds its effectiveness by providing more than just a written history of experience. The blog allows one to traverse a broad gambit of information, generated by individual accessioning, that if maintained opens the network of review and response to a constant flux of new information all of which may be tied to the greater interests of the user.

That is to say, simply, that this blog has become a learning tool. And that this influences the way in which i access and process information. It is an extension of my own mind.

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