Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Work : Cognitive Landscape V2.0


Jon Warner said...

For the record we all use all of our brains. Where is this located?

David Bruce said...


This work was exhibited at Temple Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Your position on the use of the brain seems sternly poised. I am not sure of your intentions by redirecting to the gyri, particularly in relation to posting this as "for the record".

But, as it seems you are interested in the physiological and anatomical structures of the brain, I see that you find a formal relation between the structural imbrication of the paint in this work and the folding of the gyrul tissue. A read of this portion of the work through such a physiological lens is welcome, while there are also more subtle threads that can be traced to intrinsic [fuzzy] relations between cognition, environmental perception, and the image making faculties resulting from changes in the relation between the individual and landscape [actual/virtual & conceptual].