Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest Post @ Urban Tick : An Ecology of Space : Periplastic

(Gordon Matta-Clark; Building Cuts; 1970's)

In light of a recent publication by Harvard's Graduate School of Design a second series of discussions surrounding Ecological Urbanism is currently underway. Having been asked to contribute to this discussion I am happy to say that I will be sharing a few posts here over the next few weeks that fall outside of the scope of our current focus on space in the city. These extras are the result of my wanderings through ideas related to urbanism while I was developing the main post.

My initial contribution to urbanTick; one of host sites for the series. It can be found here: Periplastic.

"The second series is hosted by Annick Labeca, DPR-Barcelona, Taneha Bacchin and urbanTick. The posts will rotate between the three platforms of Urban Lab Global City, DPR-Barcelona and urbanTick."

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