Saturday, April 17, 2010

Intersitial Experiment (1)


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Anonymous said...

I was looking for fresh art ideas when I happened on your blog. This is so interesting. You do things with design elements that I haven’t seen done before. The line was always the foremost art element. I even think that masters of drawing the line like Paul Klee and his followers didn’t have the scope that your work has. The art of the line can be visually stimulating and contain the most beautiful elements of design .I see a lot of thought that goes into your designs. They are like the word enigma. The enigma is in itself the word that describes it. Anyway, I enjoy the structural elements of your lines and the flow of the kinetic energy of art creation. Black and white can produce stark visuals. Line is perhaps to art as what the human skeleton is to the body. It is the armature of designing giving us shape and form.