Saturday, June 6, 2009

Studio Update : Transition : 06.07.09

With a recent acceptance to Tyler School of Art comes another time of change and transition. The studio at Cub Creek is packed and I am taking this month to tie up loose ends and sift through the challenges, thoughts and projects that have been occupying my mind. While this blog will continue, updates will be farther apart as I begin writing for other feeds and perhaps, focus on a new site.

Recent Exhibition:
The work at J Fergeson Gallery came down recently. Opening night went well and I thank everyone involved. Several pieces remain at the gallery and will be present in the space downstairs. Small groupings of this work will now move on to other galleries including Quirk in Richmond Va. and Mayer Fine Art in Norfolk Va.

Tyler School of Art, Temple University:
I am entering graduate school this fall at Tyler in Philadelphia Pa. After a recent visit I have set up my curriculum and found a place to live. I will be moving on July 1st and once there will be certain to post some images and provide links to any projects I take on.

The Work & Seizing the Opportunity:
Up to this date I have been developing bodies of work that explore a sense of being in relation to spaces, materials and ideas. I have been challenged to make work under the restrictions of resource and space. Graduate school will afford a valuable opportunity to experiment on a larger scale, work with adjacent disciplines and make use of facilities designed around the object of making. My work is going to change as I push the limits of my own ability while focusing on projects that I have been interested in but have yet to implement. Over the next two years I am going to construct larger works that explore the role of art and expression in relation to the urban environment. I will continue to work on smaller bodies of work that are more personal in scope, however my challenge will be to expand the boundaries of my work and ability while integrating my interests in urban design, ecology and expression.

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