Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Bamboo

Play, Art, Installation... It all comes together when you get a glimpse of work like the Big Bamboo Project of Mike and Doug Starn. Recently featured in the New York Times this installation emerges from the stochastic action of climbers articulating the artists' vision. Mike and Doug are brothers who have been active in the New York scene for nearly three decades. Their studio is currently located in what used to be the Tallix foundry in Beacon, NY.

The Starns have chosen a non-linear approach to construction allowing for evolution of form. A prominent emphasis on emergent structure eases the rigor typically involved with such a large architectural mass. The work is composed of roughly 2000 bamboo poles lashed together with nylon rope. It is generated through a multitude of incremental decisions decentralized through loosely coordinated behavior of eight to fifteen climbers roughly governed body the Starn brothers. Charged with the movement of its laborers the piece will begin to crawl through the space as the makers remove bamboo supports from the far end and replace them in the front. Such a dynamic approach to construction and structure alludes to living systems. Ongoing reviews point towards these organic reflections and ideas noted by the artists take into account self healing, adaptive and chaotic properties.

Inviting a playful response and an active role for viewers the Starn brothers encourage visitors to climb through the mass to reach a platform constructed some 50 feet above the floor, framing the work from above.

On a personal note. I hope to get up to Beacon and climb Big Bamboo on my next trip up north. Ive got to thank Robin Sedgwick and her son for passing this one along. It appers that some of my past work quickly came to mind when they got a glimpse of this in the NY Times. Big thanks!

Big Bamboo will be open to visitors from May 15 - 18 from 11am - 4pm.

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