Saturday, February 7, 2009

Object+ : 1.1

As I move through this life the relationship I have with my environment develops. I have always been captivated by this idea. I am refreshed at times by the relatively simple form of stones and other objects that I encounter on a daily basis. There is something intriguing about the sensibility of objects. Stones that were once part of larger bodies, rigid and rugged, shaped by the elements have a particular presence in my life. Objects can act as vehicles for the poetry of life, channeling ideas and emotions. If I move slowly and shift the way in which I perceive my environment, life opens like the seed watered and nourished by the sun. Ideas of being, the passage of time, movement through space and translation of energy take on new meaning. I am opened to a dialogue with my environment, and the relationship I maintain is enriched.

I am currently using these open forms to communicate ideas and sentiments through the physical act of creating objects as well as through completed forms, compounded works and large compositions. This post is a written sketch. I am exposing some the central tendencies of my relationship to environment, stones and my resulting expression.

- Freedom, becoming, expression and being
- Object image as poetic image.
- Conception; Becoming through action and expression.
- Object as vessel for imagination, both habitat and body of the creative
- Object as landmark
- Object as micro-macro environment
- Object in relation the the physical environment and cognitive landscape

With me these objects have a rich existence, with each viewer they are opened and free to have another.

These objects are direct expression of my own being.
They exist as the body and habitat of my own being; an extension of my self.
They are landmarks used to navigate my own presence.
When opened to the public, into the realm of the viewer, they flux.
They become both empty and full, they retain the resonance of my experience and my being, and yet they are open, vessels to be filled by the experiences of each viewer.
Objects; Infinite degrees of freedom.
They are plastic forms transmuted and informed by the individual viewer.
They are in a constant state of becoming, acts of freedom that embrace the sentiments and evolve with each encounter.
Poetic Object Image.

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