Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WRIR 97.3 : The Zero Hour with Tim Bowring

I was recently interviewed by Tim Bowring, host of "Zero Hour", a weekly show on Richmond's Independent Radio Station, WRIR 97.3. Having the opportunity to express what it is that I do probably should have prompted my response to organize my thoughts and present a more cohesive image of my work. But, I figured there was little need for this type of preparation. I talk about my work whenever the opportunity presents itself and I find my head is regularly glued to the pages of my journal noting the dynamic methods that make up the modes of my practice. Anyway, this was my first radio interview but my stomach did not become the habitat of unruly butterflies. Tim's demeanor certainly facilitated my relaxed approach and I quickly become comfortable rambling on about those things that I find intriguing. The interview went by in the blink of an eye and there it was, fully expressed on the monitor as a series of waveforms, question - response - rambling - direction.... This was great. I am doing exactly what it is that I do when surrounded by comfortable conditions and engaged in a free dialogue. I tend to ramble. And this was the perfect time for me to be free. I am still laughing.

I stepped out of the interview got in my car and then it hit me. Well, it was more of a small tap at the back of the pre-frontal lobe. What did I not say? What about the serious side, the depth of my work that I can barely express when not pasted to my journal? This still passes through my head. And so I am once again determined to write about some of these things. Moving away form the poetic, free, and rambling personality that I exhibit when placed in the comfort zone. Moving towards the other side of my self; the side that analyzes, plans, and organizes cohesive thoughts into paragraphs that could have been taken from some journal article, filed in with the relative mass of writings from our domain of science. This is the flip side of me; the side that I barely even tiptoed around while discussing my background in Planning and Ecology. The side I didn't leave behind when I became a component of the "Art-World" but choose to leave just behind the veil of the work. The place between the atmosphere and the gut of the work; the mind. Its practically always there in some way. It is the cognitive and perhaps conditioned component of my work. And, while rambling on about the other side of my practice, the content that can perhaps be overlooked. My task now will be to express some of those things that I did not express while discussing my work in this interview. I will begin here and now, but this effort will continue as I post a series of entries related to this portion of my practice.

But before i go any farther. This interview will air on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 12:30 on WRIR 97.3 Richmond Independent Radio.

You can stream the interview from there website via the link above.

Big Thanks Tim, I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunitiy.

And now, the beginning.

A Quick Introduction to The Coming Posts.

I have said, while developing the various artistic statements that i have produced, that revealing the core of my work is not essential to the aesthetic experience. But there is indeed a core, a central concept around which the majority of my work revolves. I am typically not concerned with communicating this content through the work, though it is the impetus behind the majority of what you see when looking at the things that I create. I have however recently decided to begin articulating this content. And this is what i will be posting in the near future.

to be continued.

Next Post Title: The Core: Large Scale Coherence and Small Scale Diversity

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